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Are Divorce Records Public in Oregon?

Yes, divorce records are public in Oregon. According to the Oregon Public Records Law, all records generated or received by public bodies in the state are considered public records and must be made available to the public upon request. This includes divorce records, which are maintained by the Oregon Vital Records Office.

The rationale behind making divorce records public is to ensure transparency and accountability in the legal system. By allowing public access to these records, individuals can verify the legal status of a marriage, obtain information about the terms of a divorce, and gather evidence for legal proceedings if necessary. Public access to divorce records also promotes historical research and genealogical studies.

However, it is important to note that while divorce records are generally public, certain sensitive information may be redacted or restricted from public view. This includes personal identifying information, such as Social Security numbers, financial account numbers, and addresses, which may be withheld to protect individuals' privacy and security.

How to Find Divorce Records in Oregon in 2024.

To obtain divorce records in Oregon, you can start by visiting the Oregon Vital Records Office website. They provide an online search tool that allows you to search for divorce records by name, date, and county. This online search tool is convenient and accessible, allowing you to find divorce records from the comfort of your own home.

If you prefer to obtain divorce records in person, you can visit the Oregon Vital Records Office located in Portland. They have a public records counter where you can request copies of divorce records. It is recommended to call ahead and inquire about their operating hours and any additional requirements for in-person requests.

Alternatively, you can also request divorce records by mail. The Oregon Vital Records Office accepts mail-in requests, where you can fill out a request form and send it along with the applicable fees to their mailing address. It is important to include all necessary information, such as the names of the parties involved, the date of the divorce, and the county where the divorce was finalized.

When requesting divorce records, be prepared to provide proof of your identity and relationship to the individuals listed on the records. This may include a valid government-issued ID, a notarized authorization letter, or other supporting documents as required by the Oregon Vital Records Office.

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